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Looking for a wedding film that is colorful, fun, and focuses plenty of natural and candid moments? Then I'm your gal! My style is bright, colorful, relaxed, and authentic! Of course I love sweet poses during the sunset and want to showcase your love, but I also want to make sure you get to relive all of the little, sweet memories and interactions that happen throughout your special day. I love to utilize natural light and gorgeous nature, so outdoor weddings are my favorite! However, every couple has their own unique vibe & I am always open to specific requests!

Weddings & Events

Why should you hire a videographer for your wedding?

Weddings can be a lot. Everyone has an entirely different budget and it's important to hire the vendors that are most important to you! So, why is it so important to prioritize a videographer? While photos are amazing and capture everything from specific details to beautiful portraits, video allows you to step back in time, seeing the reactions and hearing the voices of your loved ones. It preserves the full atmosphere and emotion of the day. Having a video also enables those who couldn't be there to experience the event to still feel like they were a part of it. In addition to the planned events, videographers can capture unexpected, candid moments that might go unnoticed by a photographer. These spontaneous moments can be some of the most cherished!

You will always be able to look back and remember your sweet vows, the hilarious speech your best man gave, the way your flower girl did a cute spin down the aisle, or the wacky dance move your drunk uncle busted out on the dance floor. 

Your wedding video becomes a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations for all to relive the day. I recently found my parents wedding film from the 90s and it made me cry! Being able to hear what my grandparents sounded like 30 years ago, see my parents interact on one of the biggest day of their lives, and everyone all together is truly special! 

While hiring a videographer may add to the wedding budget, it's a professional investment in preserving memories that will last a lifetime.

Sam & Kelly

Amanda & Steven

Catherine & Kariar

Ali & Jordan

Shuru & Branden

Alex & Lucie

Bridget & Paul

Mikaela & Noah

Nick & Sheldon

Nikki & Jason

Evan & Jane

Eunice & Peter

Erika & Glenn

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Mark & Dianna

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